Michael Slutsker



Michael Slutsker was born on April 9th, 1946 in Russia. In 1970 he was graduated from the Academy of Painting and Graphics in St. Peterburg.

After graduation, he has participated in more then twenty International Exhibitions in the Western and Eastern European countries. The last of them is «Europe Art» in Geneva and «Libr Art» in Belgium. He presented there not only his paintings, also his MS-Art Gallery. Michael Slutsker — member of the Society of Artists of Israel, currently, more then 250 of his works of art are in private collections of over the world. He travels extensively.

Impressions from travel well reflected in the painting. His creative work possesses a special nostalgic imaginative power, as well as a philosophical concept, depth of emotion and the highly developed culture.

Michael Slutsker is convinced that the creative work is the most natural way of the human existence. Colleagues call him «the Wizard». And he rightly deserves this.