Helena Tener

image001Helena Tener

Born in 1965 . in Kazan (Russia).

She graduated from the Kazan Art School. N.Feshina in 1984 .

More than 15 years working in the Tatar Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet. Copyright costume to a number of performances in Kazan theaters.

Recent years has been painted on silk (author’s technique).

Regularly participates in exhibitions.

2008 — Her work is on display at the permanent exposition of the ART Gallery 11, Prague 1, Czech Republic.

Personal exhibitions:

«Flowers — the soul’s delight,» Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Tatarstan, 2002 .

«Silk Road», gallery «plot», Vyborg, 2003 .

«Flowers on silk» gallery «Xining Tylo» g.Haamenlina (Finland) 2003 .

«Palette of Flowers» gallery «Blue room» at the St. Petersburg Union of Artists, 2003 .

«To the 1000th anniversary of Kazan» gallery «Ayudah», Kazan, 2006

«Flowers for You», the House of Peoples’ Friendship, Kazan, 2009 .

E.Tener works are in private collections in Russia, European countries, the USA, Iran, Bali.