How to Buy

1. Credit card acceptanceкопия трансакции 29.01.2013

This is the simplest and the quickest way to purchase a painting.

Accept credit card at a distance (Mail Order), a blind copy of your receipt of transaction I’ll send you by e-mail

(attached an example last transaction from customer).


I recommend the first 8 numbers to send me by e-mail, last 8 numbers and expiration date by call (I call You)

card number: xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx

expiration date:  xx/xx

I do not need security code (three-digit number)


2. Direct money transfer
If the first method is not convenient for you, you can also wire money directly to our bank account in EUR.

This takes a little more time, since we cannot make the shipment until the money has arrived in our bank account.

On average the transfer takes 3-5 working days.

I’ll send all information.
Please keep a copy of the form. You may need it for transaction confirmation, all cases of refund, order cancellation etc.