Viktor Kobzev


              Viktor Kozev  was born on April, 17th, 1957 in Sevastopol, Russia.


The hereditary officer the submariner, the captain of 2-nd rank, served on nuclear submarines of Northern fleet in Russia, then worked as the military journalist. The artist — the schedule Viktor Kobzev many years works in technics of an etching.

Artist Victor Kobzev — the etcher, the master of an ex-libris. Engravings on metal with the figure pickled by an acid.

Its works are stored in the Hermitage, Russia. Also in M.S. Gorbachev’s private collections and Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher.

He lives and works in Prague and in St.-Petersburg, Russia.

Art works could be found in various privat collections throughout  the world.

2003 — His work is on display at the permanent exposition of the

ART Gallery 11 in Prague 1, Old Town, Czech Republic.