Oksana Veber

art11_199213_oksana-veber_22359_10.08.2011_copyBorn in Altaj region of Russia.


The Kiev Academy of Fine Arts.
Briansk Art College.
Member of the Ukrainian Association of Commercial Artists.

Commercial art experience.

Kiev Union of Commercial and Industrial Artists — monumental art, stained-glass, and oil painting. Also graphic art, including corporate logo designs.

Personal Exhibitions

2003- »Four Seasons», Artmaster, Prague, Czech Republic.
2003- »The Song of Sun», Gallery Etienne de Causans, Paris, France.
2004- »ART Exposition», Gallery ART Shaker, Paris, France.
2004- »Cotrexeville a l’’heure russe», Le Consulat general de Russie et la mairie de Cotrexeville, France.
2004- »Modern Russian Art» — Fusion Center, Gallery TopLil, Prague, Czech Republic.
2004- » ART Show» — Municipal Gallery, Teplice, Czech Republic.
2005- »Summer»- Malta.
2007- Acorn Galleries, Billingshurst, West Sussex, England.
2007- Voshan Gallery, Palo Alto, San Francisco, USA.
2007- Room № 9 Gallery, Eastbourne, East Sussex, England.
2008- Acorn Galleries, Billingshurst, West Sussex, England.